Hey Dudes. I wrote a collection of all ages horror stories called Spooky Sleepover. It’s drawn by the incredibly awesome and handsome Jess Smart Smiley. It features stories about killer toilets, ghosts riding bikes and a werewolf that eats garbage! Say What!?

We wanted to create a book that is both funny AND scary and that people of all ages could enjoy and we couldn’t be more proud of this book.

It’s currently on Kickstarter and you can grab a copy now! We can use all the support we can get so reblog if you can! Stay Spooky!

Today is the very last day to grab a copy of Spooky Sleepover! You have a about 13 hours left!

Yo! Since we hit our $6,000 goal all physical copies of Spooky Sleepover now come with a pack of spooky trading cards! Say WHAT? One day left to grab a copy!


(no particular purpose beyond trying out some brushpens)


one of the best skull pics i have ever seen. anyone know the artist?

(via arcaneimages)

Here is Aaron Reiner’s radical Spooky Sleepover pinup!

Only 36 hours left to grab a copy! That’s like… not even a lot of hours left.


My new interview with writer davescheidt and artist jess-smart-smiley about their all-ages horror/comedy collection of three stories, Spooky Sleepover, is live.